Monday, May 3, 2010


YAY to my classmates.. it was tough but they did amazingly well.. I think it won't be fair to really review and critize their efforts, because everyone has their own techinique and style when it comes to teaching, the behaviors were nuts... I WAS THE ONE WITH THE BOMB of course.. but it was a lesson well learned and we should all be great for the expereince. =]
We should have been more prepared for the behaviors like some students were, and detentions, and had more interactive material for students to be involved in.

I don't like the taking of cell phone ideas, Its not BAD idea, but it can cause a lawsuit well maybe not that drastic but it will cause problems. Its all going to be the teachers realiablity, because students are in no way trust worthy. And it will take valuable time away from class just to collect phones.

Games are a very good idea, and so is technology. But now I know that I can use techinology and learned that I have a calling in YOUTUBE video making lol. 0_O

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Completing A Lesson and a Misson

O boy was this whole lesson one BIG MISSON.
From the first lesson we submitted to the revised lesson I think it became a little more controlable. The first one was dragged out and alot of work and interaction was involved in it. With the way the STUDENTS were acting it would have been hard to keep up regardless. It was difficult finding time to actually talk with each partner. Everyone was always busy with school, work, or such other. But finally we just all stuck it out and at laast minutes.. ALTHOUGH NEVER good. We decided how to compute the lesson. So though Facebook and text messages we finally were able to prepare somewhat everything that we wanted to accomplish for a good grade. The objective for us was to get through the lesson and try not to be overtaken by the students behaviors. THEY WENT NUTS, but its funnny, and fun. "Especially when Stephine hit the students, by accident and he landed on the floor." I couldnt even hold back my laughter at that. The quiz and asking students whether or not they understood the material was informal assessment. I think the whole thing was excuted to the best of our knowledge. I don't believe there was a set rule on we are going to do this and this. As we went along we improvised with each other VERY WELL I MIGHT ADD. But with the time permitted it wouldnt be easy to cover the whole lesson, because by the last 15minutes OMGGGGG there was so much drama going on and so much disruption.

OVERALL, I think the lesson went really nicely. The youtube video I created was a very nice and easy opening, and the powerpoint was a nice one as well. I learned that OMGGG I am in troube. Even in the first lesson I was gettting nervous because they were going crazy. I think we would create a better behavioral system, but no one really expects students to go FULL BLOWN NUTS in a classroom. It is a possiblity, but even when I was in high school it never really happened. So I think they taught us that we deffinitly need a behvioral plan to have less disruptions. As much as I loved the powerpoint, we could have made it a little bit shorter and added a little bit more students discussion into it. I think it would have made them less nuts and a little more into the lesson in general, but the lesson was not a bad lesson at all. The writing the names on the board lmfao.. that deffinitly didn't work, and I mentioned if they are going to act like they are in 1st grade they are going to get there name on the board like first graders. Still they didnt care. I did noticed, I WAS GETTING LOUD, at first the looked at me in shock like omggg she mad. But what caught me by suprise was that they actually calmed down for a few moments, but over using the LOUDNESS will lose its effectiveness as well. I think that if we had more time to come up with a behavioral plan and maybe lessoned the power point. That they would really be more into what's going on.


We planned to use the podcast as it was used, to demonstrate the poem. The Youtube video I came up with actually the night before. It was simple and easy to put together. I <3 doing things like that, and it was reallly well and really effective for the lesson.

It was effective because it was somewhat new to the students, and although they were students for the day. As college students and Education students they were interested and looked at it like. WOW. I think it went well. The podcast in general volume was really low, but it was funny to listen to it and actually share it with everyone. I think making the podcast a youtube video was very GREAT idea, and for other lessons it would be great to do it the same way, maybe not with text, but with pictures, and have students create things like this too for projects. It really gets you motivated.. ESPCIALLLLLLY WHEN EVERYONE LIKES ITS AND IS IMPRESSED WITH IT =]

REFLECTION ON CLASSMATES LESSONS TO COME ..............................

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Leaving the Island

Don't ask me why, I have Lost and Survior on my mind. But today was a good day, what I need to do now is get a mic so that I can finish with the basic infromation of Frost life on podcast. I was listening to myself and I sound like a freaking news person on tv. But the whole lesson is coming together great, we plan on talking about how we will handle the classroom disruptions. We might have to take turns with the presenting, and with patroling the classroom. But I think that we will have a good time working on this, and I had a great time working with Stephanie and Hanifah. This lesson is going to be a great lesson, and its going to help others reflect on themselves. I believe I have a nice opening set idea, but I think Iwouldhave to go over it because I think it might be a little inappropirate, I might have to reword or rethink it.

Finally Day On The Island...

Today is the finally day in the computer lab. Today we will finish up our podcast, and prepare for our lessons. I totally have this whole idea of a lesson on internal and external conflict. I have a neat powerpoint that will go nicely with our lesson as well. Questions to be thought about for our lesson.

What is conflict, and is conflict a motivation or a demotivation?
What types of conflict are there?
In Home Burial what is the conflicts in this poem?
Do you see these conflicts ever being solved?
Who would you relate to more, the husband or the wife?
Do you think there marriage is going to last?
Is the husband really offending is wife?
Why do you think the husband is being so calm about the death of his child?

There are actuall more questions that can be asked, but we are trying to stick within the limits of conflict for this poem.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snow Snow Snow Snow go away,

Dear Snow,
I hate you so much. You just have to ruin my day. Your ugly, wet, and miserable. If you keep ruining my days. I am going to be outside with a blowdryer and heater and I am going to show you whose boss got it?!!!!


I really hate the snow, I even had to work in the snow because everyone else called out before me. You would think since the last snow storm the job was completely empty, but no there 2time more snow everyone thinks lets go torcher these pooor girls at work. This snow just makes it more difficult to complete an assingnment as well. I missed one day then had a snow day, its like missing one day of work and your pay check is missing 50.00 lol... its incredible hard to make up.

HOPEFULLY the snow queen got that message and it wont snow no more.. ugggggg
until Tuesday then.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blogging from Home

I am acutally [sad to say] my mom has had the stomach flu all week, and now she gave it to me. So I am blogging from home. I feel bad, because my partners use my pod.o.matic for this project, but if they text me or facebook me I can give them the password, so that they can continue. I am really really really really really sorry =[. I wasn't expecting to become this sick, or to leave anyone hanging. But I know that my partners are a little left behind with the blog and technology, but I'm sure Prof. Luongo will help you guys out to get it like a pro.

Lol at least ill get a grade for acutally bloggging today hehe =].... i should get some credit hehe i hear i was a nice topic for discussion =]

Friday, February 19, 2010

End of day 2 on the Island

Stephine, Hanifah, and myself after long researching and thinking have finally decided to do."Home Burial," by Robert Frost. Since we have 3 members of our group and there are 3 parts of the poem, we think that this would truly benefit us in completing this project and getting those A's lol. I didn't write a lot because these comptuer are still really slow as anything. Thats what you get for being in this lil island of a Computer lab in pope 215.. uggggers =]